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Deanna Devore searches for her silver lining in “Love Again”

Splitting her time between Chicago and Toronto, Deanna Devore soaks up the cultures of her surroundings in her unique and intoxicating releases. The latest addition to her repertoire is the enticing “Love Again”, featuring vocals from soul sensation D’Zhari. A heavenly brew of old school jazz instrumentation and neo-soul melodies, Devore succeeds yet again in creating something fresh and exciting, while exploring a myriad of genres.

Despite on the surface being a breakup song, “Love Again” talks about finding light in even the most hopeless of times and not letting fear prevent you from moving on. The saying “do one thing everyday that scares you” has never been so true when it comes to dating. The uncertainty of the future can be a daunting thing, but apprehension should never be a roadblock to your happiness. Devore confides, “It’s about finding that closure within yourself, and not from the other person. It’s about finding peace within, and being ready for the next chapter in life.”

D’Zhari’s smooth, luxurious vocals provides a healthy dose of R&B to “Love Again”, ultimately putting her own stamp on the song. Also a fellow Chicago artist, the singer has previously performed alongside Eryn Allen Kane and Sir the Baptist, making her an artist to watch in 2020. Combined, D’Zhari and Devore are proving to be an unstoppable force and we hope we can see more collaborations in the future from the both of them.

Connect with Deanna Devore : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with D'Zhari : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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