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Mabes explores the sacrifices of Soldiers in her newest single, "Danny" [Video]

Mabes is a folk-pop artist out of the U.K. and coming off the release of her single "Too Young To Love" earlier in 2020, the Billericay native has returned with "Danny", a song that sees the young artist tackle the story of a lover left behind while their spouse is off serving time in the armed forces.

"Danny" is essentially used as a platform for Mabes to showcase her sleek, acoustic guitar skills, soothing vocal range and story writing ability lyrically and production aesthetics as she has created a world that solely focuses on the story and minimal instruments throughout the entire piece.

For the visual interpretation of her single, Mabes worked in collaboration with Elle Lotherington on the music video, which additionally sees Mabes showcase a thought-provoking visual homage to all of the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for the happiness of others. Through the use of old footage of families being reunited with their loved ones, Mabes has visually reinstated the importance of sacrificing lives for the happiness of others.

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