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Make Friends unveil their woozy new single "Hesitate"

Bristol newcomers Make Friends share their latest single "Hesitate". Dripping with woozy undertones, the lightweight guitar rhythms infuse with hazy melodies to craft the most idyllic single. 

Swaddling its listener into the warmest of embraces, "Hesitate" feels comforting, like your first sip of coffee on a rainy morning. Creating a perfect balance between uplifting and soothing, it's the right amount of mood shifting without the get-up-and-go. Offering the sonic version of a friendly face, "Hesitate" is the supportive friend we all need in life.

"Hesitate is about dealing with the weight and responsibility of having a friend that is suffering from addiction," says guitarist David Thomas. "The song portrays an internal struggle where you want to be there for them, but at the same time you don’t know the right words to say or actions to take, and you’re worried you might fail them."

Make Friends have concocted a single which captures true bliss. Hued with sepia tones, "Hesitate" is the perfect heartwarming ode to everlasting companionship. 

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