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Jack Kays releases second single "Bottom of the Bottle" [Video]

Rising singer Jack Kays is difficult to put in a box. After deleting much of his discography from streaming services when a video of his song "Morbid Mind" went viral on TikTok, the young artist seemed ready to quickly make substantial career progress. He has done just that, with "Morbid Mind" recently hitting a million Spotify plays as fans demanded new music. His latest offering, "Bottom of the Bottle," is another folk/pop track that shows off his raspy voice and strong songwriting. 

"Bottom of the Bottle" feels like Jack Kays is further etching a lane for himself in music. It's a folk song, but fans of anything new and exciting will be drawn to it. He's backed by only his rough acoustic guitar, and every second is more raw than the last. Still, it's as catchy as can be and hits harder than any traditional folk track. 

"Ain't much time before I'm gone" he sings on the chorus. It's packed full with a mix emotions, all of which are deep and thought-provoking. At some moments on "Bottom of the Bottle" Jack Kays is strong and stable, while at others he's lost and hurting. 

This concoction of emotions ends up creating a song that is beautifully complete and whole. The video's primary shot is fittingly unique, with Jack's body holding his head as he sings directly into the camera. On "Bottom of the Bottle," the rising artist brings together emotions for a complete showing of himself, making him an exciting and authentic artist to watch going forward. 

Connect with Jack Kays: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 

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