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Henry Francis is the "Weird Kid" on his relatable latest song

Henry Francis is steadily growing a fan base on TikTok and Instagram through a series of covers and, to date, has just three original songs out. His latest, "Weird Kid," is a special display of raw talent. 

His voice has already proven to be one of those that's impossible not to love and this is no better shown than on "Weird Kid." His vocals bear a gritty, raw tone that immediately makes him stand out when backed largely by an acoustic guitar. 

The 16-year-old Chicago native questions himself throughout the track, asking relatable things like "I don't really sleep at all is that a problem?" It's a pop ballad of sorts that tells a uniquely engaging tale of loneliness. Even without a huge chorus, the young artist's voice and songwriting cuts through to present an accessible feeling. The downtempo track's melodies flow into one another so comfortably that, by the time the song's two and a half minutes are up, the repeat button becomes a necessity. Going forward, Henry Francis is going to be an exciting artist to watch. 

Connect with Henry Francis: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | YouTube 

Acoustic R&B · Pop


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