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LOCS puts it all out on "Nothing Less"

Based out of Atlanta, LOCS is a 22-year-old rapper known for his unique and immense energy. Throughout his music, he's been able to masterfully weave listeners through metaphor ridden lyrics that utilize an incredibly mature flow. He's recently received nods from some of Spotify's biggest playlists like "Mellow Bars" and "Fresh Finds", as well as some of the NFL's syncs. His new single "Nothing Less" seamlessly brings together elements of classic hip-hop beats and the orchestral instrumentals to create a fiery release uniquely his own.

LOCS uses his voice almost as an instrument in itself with his rapid flow intertwining with the beat itself, ismilar to early Kayne West. Let's not ignore the real subsistence of this song though, in its characteristically fast and raw lyrics. LOCS' words are filled with hope and ambition of going to LA and making it big. If he continues to make hit songs like "Nothing Less" then don't be surprised to see him living out his dreams living among the hills with the other greats of hip-hop.  

LOCS has continued to show throughout the summer how gifted he really is. Compounding his mind-bendingly fast delivery with an ever-improving pen game, he looks to only be going up from here. 

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