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Denise Chaila brings the heat with "Holy Grail"

Limerick-based rapper, writer and poet Denise Chaila is an artist you'll want to remember. Her latest single, "Holy Grail," takes traditional elements of hip-hop and alters them to fit her own mold. She's redefining the sound and standard of the Irish hip-hop scene with a relaxed ease and a wry smile. 

Her left-of-centre delivery, always executed with surgeon-like precision, is never the same twice. Expressive and unique, "Holy Grail" sees Chaila imagining herself as mystical men in the track's opening lines – Galileo, Pendragon and Merlin all make appearances. But planets are indeed converging around Chaila, as she ascends to take her own place among the stars. 

"'Holy Grail' is a celebration," Chaila explained in a statement. "For everyone who still wants to make their inner child proud. For glow in the dark stars that become constellations, lip syncing at little break that became bigger stages, and everyone who still remembers what they wanted to be when they grew up.”

The song is the second single taken from Chaila's eagerly-anticipated mixtape, Go Bravely. 

Connect with Denise Chaila: Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram



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