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Isadoré explores the "Obsessive Behaviours" of bottomless pleasure in her new single

Isadoré is a singer-songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia and not only is she following up her previous single "Raven" with a much deeper, soothing anthem than her previous single, but Isadoré is essentially using her latest single "Obsessive Behaviours" to touch on the world of feminism.

Taking inspiration from the likes of author Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Isadoré's "Obsessive Behaviours" sees Isadoré explore the feelings of denying the downward spiral of seeking bottomless pleasure. The single is purely inviting, as listeners are immediately drawn in with eerie instrumentals and Isadoré's own echo-y melancholic vocals. From the opening instrumentals to the first sound of Isadoré's melancholic voice kicking in at the 11-second mark, to the drum beats there after; the listener is taken on a journey as the story unfolds with each lyrical and work spoken by Isadoré. Which works well atop of the sonically curated soundscape of backing piano keys and kick drums.

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