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San Mei pays a heart-melting tribute to her mother in "Midnight"

San Mei's previous releases have been energetic, loud, gritty and fast-paced. However, with the passing of her mother, Mei wanted to release a song that was an outlet for her to additionally pay tribute from what had transpired in her own personal life. With this in mind, this time around things are a little bit different for the Australia-based indie artist, seen in her latest, "Midnight."

Following the release of Mei’s most recent EP Cry earlier in 2020, the Gold Coast native continues to showcase her well built structure as an artist, even though this single must have been the most challenging song she has made so far, as it is on one of the personalists levels, Mei has managed to bring her solid nuance of vibrant guitars, instrumental drums and her over-arching vocals together nicely.

San Mei's "Midnight" is now out through Australian record label etcetc.

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