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KenjyoChiba & YUASA team up for the surreal experimental electronic release "Devotions ~般若心経~ Hannyasingyou"

KenjyoChiba and YUASA team up for this mind-blowing, aural experience of a single titled "Devotions ~般若心経~ Hannyasingyou"

Throw away all your preconceived notions and prepare to enter this world where anything goes. The record captures the chaotic essence of the world with its off-kilter sound design, multi-layered instrumentation and use of sutras sung by Zen Monks. From what I garnered the sutras are more of the uplifting type as it dwells on peace on Earth in these crazy times. The style is quite hard to box as it bridges the spiritual aspect with futuristic elements of experimental electronic and classic orchestral instrumentation. The slow build-up lends its strengths to the way the prayer starts and in time it reaches an atomic climax in the midsection with rumbling drums/percussions, surreal multi-layered synths. and a triumphant trombone section. The visuals also is a piece of art that can't be ignored. I love the special animated 3d effects and vintage artsy aesthetics that make up the bulk of the video. There is also a special shrine that plays a central role in this piece capturing the source of it all.

"Devotions ~般若心経~ Hannyasingyou" is a collaborative effort and it features a wide variety of musicians ranging from percussionists YUKI, Akiko Yano, violinists ALIAKE and much more.

Get "Devotions ~般若心経~ Hannyasingyou"  on Bandcamp. Get the Zen projection mapping 2020 here.

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