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Fintan McKahey bids us a "Goodbye" on new single

Fintan McKahey has made waves through the Irish music scene for a couple of years now and the story continues on his new single "Goodbye". 

The Cork native has cultivated a small fanbase from his studio in West Cork. Since 2016, the singer/songwriter has proven himself to be prolific in his field. Finding himself a niche in the lo-fi, alt-pop genres, Fintan's multi-instrumental talents and his ability to produce and craft ambient and ambitious soundscapes has landed him some great opportunities and a series of great releases including his debut EP titled God Games. His last single "Platinum" dropped early in 2020 and it was revered by critics and fans alike. 

Looking to continue this momentum on this new single, Fintan does not disappoint. The production on "Goodbye" is moody and modular with ambient and downbeat soundscapes paired with low-swinging drums as well as intricate guitar playing creates and amazing backdrop for some incredible penmanship from the West Cork native. 

The topics of looking at love from the other side of the fence after the relationship has failed are addressed in the tracks stellar songwriting. Fintan's signature low, smokey vocals are juxtaposed by additional vocal lines from the amazing Irish singer Ava Archbold. The feeling of both sides clinging to some sort of normality and the desperation in the search for salvation toward the end of a relationship. 

"Goodbye" feels very real to Fintan and this bleeds through to every listener. This talent does not go unnoticed and the sheer songwriting ability on offer is worth the price of admission alone. We are extremely excited to see what is next for the West Cork star in the making. 

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Alt-Pop · Ambient · Downtempo


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