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Bryony heals love wounds in new single "2AM"

Some revelations come early in the morning, engulfing the mind like silk sheets of comfort, soft as the easy ambiance of Bryony’s new single “2AM.” The British pop star-emergent delivers in “2AM” all the comfort one would expect from a post break up liberation of mind and spirit: tucked in the electro-pop synth sustains, luscious falsettos, and the nimble drumbeat of the track is reassurance for broken spirits. If sound exploration is what you are into, Bryony’s “2AM” is a sonic playground that is elegant in design and rich in class.

Produced by Joe Cooper and featuring additional production and mixing from Jack Gourlay (Jess Glynne/Jack Garrett), the track finds its stride quickly, swelling into an entire soundscape beckoning exploration (headphones recommended). Bryony’s music is modern pop, yes, but its warmth, radiating from the singer’s passionate vocals, elevates the music into something that easily separates itself from the rest, a song like an arrow aimed at the heart.

“You tried to drown me out but/ I swim much further than the tide now,” is a standout lyric from the song, a reminder from the artist to herself, and to those on the journey back towards themselves, that the road has been a long one, but the reward is within reach. “2AM” has all the makings of a late-summer hit, its ever-expanding sound seeping into all the love wounds one hopes to heal, regardless of the hour. If Bryony continues to let her heart lead, her brand of pop will hit the mark each time.

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