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Francis Aud gets 'FONKY' in new electro-pop release "Take Me Home"

New York-based singer-songwriter Francis Aud delivers a vivid electro-pop performance with deep layers of funk in his fourth single of 2020, "Take Me Home.” Upbeat and energetic, Aud reminisces on a lost lover and the hypothetical possibilities of the relationship while incorporating a unique blend of electro-pop, funky instrumentation, and a groovy rhythm in what he defines as, “FONK MUSIC.”

Playful percussions and a deep resounding bass line lay a rich funky foundation for "Take Me Home" right out the gate. From there, a whirlwind of rich synth work and catchy claps help send Aud's romantic vocal delivery crying out to a hopeful lover. The blend of jazzy instrumentation, funky melodies, and shimmering electro-R&B creates an infectious aura of warm retro sounds. The versatility demonstrated in "Take Me Home" celebrates Aud's unique songwriting capability for creating something that's relentlessly passionate and energetic but full of soul. His 'FONKY MUSIC' (as Aud describes it) fills the room as much as it fills the heart. 

After releasing his debut EP Tender Things in July 2017, Francis Aud began to move away from his retro-soul beginnings and started writing and releasing music that he likes to call, “FONK MUSIC.” From 2018 to the present, he has released a slew of FONKY™  singles in preparation for his next large release.

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