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SADBOii triumphs on the interstellar indie pop cut "Nah Yeh"

Returning to earth to release his sophomore single, elusive Australian newcomer SADBOii is fast becoming a wildly compelling new voice in indie-pop. With a humble two singles under his belt, the anonymous and thus far 3D-rendered newcomer sounds confident in his effervescent efforts, sharing the jubilant "Nah Yeh." Whether it's purposeful or not, the anonymity proves to further compound the wildly relatable quality of his songwriting by separating the persona from the music.

With no doubt a tongue-in-cheek nod to the Aussie slang phrase, the title more directly refers to the whirlwind of a stadium-sized singalong chorus that proves hard to not get instantly swept up in. The precursor to that is a smooth, neon-hued introduction propelled by driving rhythms and staccato synths that forms the perfect foundation for his poignant and hopeful tones.

Speaking to the track in an email statement, he states that, "'Nah Yeh' is a song from the perspective of one of the leaders who has messed up the world. How do they make the decisions they make? So obviously corrupt to most, but apparently so justifiable to them. Do they know? Or do they genuinely believe they’re doing good? 'Nah Yeh' is a lie so good, you start believing it yourself."

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