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Necktr blasts off with dynamic new single "Grow"

Every so often we’re reminded of one of the largest sacrifices music fans have had to make during this pandemic, which is the loss of live shows. While nothing quite compares to the visceral transmission of energy between musicians and audiences during a concert, the group Necktr has released a new single that skillfully captures the power and vibrancy of a live performance. The nine-piece group out of Leeds is known for their eclectic influences and the new track “Grow” is no exception, beginning with a heavy dose of afrobeat before evolving to musical worlds beyond. The track is also accompanied by delectable remixes from Breaka, Sourpuss, Adam Pits, and Dubrunner.

Departing somewhat from the smoothed out neo-soul sounds of their debut EP Something’s Happening from 2018, Necktr cranks up the energy from the outset of “Grow” with effortless intensity and an absolutely inescapable groove. Over the percolating energy of the rhythm section and horn flourishes, vocalist Esme Bridie’s offers a fitting counterpart with gentle vocal delivery that floats over the top of the mix as she describes overcoming an oppressive relationship.

If the talents of Necktr and Bridie weren’t already made abundantly clear, the final portion of the track delivers a fascinating breakdown into spacey atmospheric sounds with a poem and additional vocal flourishes from vocalist B-âhwe. The band offers a final climactic conclusion in the outro section that raises the energy back up before dissipating into the ether. It’s a shame that we can’t yet hear “Grow” performed on stage, but the single provides enough musical firepower to satiate our cravings and then some.

"Grow" is available to download here.

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