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TOKYO'S REVENGE releases thunderous new single "BODY COUNT"

TikTok has been in the news lately for its dubious connections to the Chinese government. While it may have come into the limelight of American media for negative reasons, it has been able to kickstart the careers of many American musicians. One of these such artists is TOKYO'S REVENGE. Just over two years ago, he was homeless, but after one of his songs exploded on TikTok with over 900,000 videos soundtracked to it, he was able to completely revitalize his career. With a plethora of new songs released in the past few months, TOKYO'S REVENGE has looked to be on a mission to show fans he's much more than a one hit wonder. He continues to show this on his new single "BODY COUNT". 

Over the past few years, punk-rock has been a mainstay in underground hip-hop. TOKYO'S REVENGE seems to be carrying on the mantel with his new song "BODY COUNT'. Filled with heart pounding 808's and hard hitting anime inspired percussion, this new single feels like a fever dream. Compounded with the unrestrained and belligerent lyrics, listeners instantly are transported into a completely different world. Tokyo truly takes the ideals of punk-rock to heart on "BODY COUNT' and creates a transformative experience for listener.

"BODY COUNT' proves the true musician that TOKYO'S REVENGE is: an innovative artist filled with bravado. With a number of releases in the past few months, TOKYO'S REVENGE looks poised to release a new album that will almost surely push the boundaries of traditional music.  

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