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Nathan Achilles triumphs on his synth-led solo debut, "Young Rush"

Despite his humble catalogue of a mere two singles thus far, Georgia-bred, Nashville-based artist Nathan Achilles is fast establishing himself as one of the most compelling new voices in alt-pop. With his first release, "Bandit," a resplendent and upbeat duet with Éliane, Achilles offers another dimension to his storytelling-driven output with his synth-led solo debut "Young Rush."

Equal parts Kavinsky and Troye Sivan, "Young Rush" harmonises in the space between the transformative synth-led sounds of the 80s and rapturous, identity-led alt-pop. Shimmering synths provide the space between each vocal passage to ponder the memories that the track's air of nostalgia brings to the surface, with each line delivered in his unmistakable vocal timbre.

Speaking to the track's motivation in an email statement, Nathan shares that, “Young Rush is a song I wrote during a period of rapid change and overwhelming fear in my life. This song allowed me to express that fear but also allowed me to come to the realization that fear only prohibits us from living in the moment rather than protecting us from the moments we cannot control”

Connect with Nathan Achilles: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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