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Oliver Tree releases introspective new single "Jerk"

Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, Oliver Tree encapsulates the growing world of genre-less music. While he may be known for his singing and adoring love for scooters, where he truly shines on tracks is with his production. Incorporating elements of rap, dance, and pop, Oliver Tree's songs offer a fascinating interpretation of what the future of music could look like. Oliver Tree recently released "Jerk"- the premier single from his debut album Ugly is Beautiful. With growling guitar riffs and engrossing drums, "Jerk" truly puts Oliver Tree's full talent on display for listeners. 

In under 3 minutes, Oliver weaves through the experiences of being an outcast and the "Jerks" that come along with it. Paired with a rough and heavily punk-inspired production, Oliver Tree eventually comes to the conclusion that loathing jerks is really a double-edged sword. Sonically adventurous and heavily introspective, Oliver Tree has truly found his unique sound and is notably able to wow listeners with it. 

Reminiscent of many of Oliver Tree's music, "Jerk" flawlessly brings electronic production into the punk rock world. He further explores this sound on his new album Ugly Is Beautiful with great success, garnering #3 on the iTunes chart in the first 24 hours of its release. If Oliver Tree continues to take sonic risks and make strides in the genre-less world of music, then we could one day see him sitting atop the #1 spot on the iTunes chart.

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Dance · Indie · Pop


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