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Attawalpa is “Done Hanging On” on new alt-rock single

London-based South-American multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Attawalpa makes a swift return with his new single “Done Hanging On.” The track follows his debut EP Spells released this past spring. “Done Hanging On” marks a new chapter as Attawalpa preps his sophomore EP Patterns due out later this year.

“Done Hanging On” features a pristine production, spellbinding melodies and raw lyricism addressing both past and future circumstances. The track carefully balances jubilancy and melancholy making for a diversified aural experience. Given the song’s complex echoes and emotions, Attawalpa sharpens his sonic sword that delivers striking swipes of electro-rock, alternative and dark pop.

Narratively, the song is linked to the harsh realities of live in a world gone so awry. With its unwavering rhythms, an attractive bassline and assertive vocals, Attawalpa offers up something enriching while coping with solemn matters of the heart. “Done Hanging On” also features South London royalty Misty Miller on backing vocals adding a deeper layer of textured aura.

“‘Done Hanging On’ is simply a track about letting go,” he explains via email. “I wrote the song on my dad’s piano. It was quite emotional as I was listening to a lot of Elliot Smith’s ‘XO’ at the time. I then took it to my sonic confidants Matt Allchin (co-producer) and Henry Danowski (drummer) and we made it pop.”

“Done Hanging On” is lifted off Attawalpa’s forthcoming EP Patterns due out later this year.

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