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Katie MAC channels authentic romance on “Till It Hurts”

Nashville-based singer, katie MAC released her charming new single, “Till It Hurts” equipped with a playful melody and soft, delicate vocals. 

“Till It Hurts” is a hopeful love song laden with dance synths and palpable bass. Katie MAC’s voice achieves subtle range with soft spoken verses then higher notes on the main chorus. Her vocals articulate an innocence, but also show a distinguished sexiness. Her lyricism is a unique approach to love-pop. While this may sound like a breakup song at first listen, it maintains a mature outlook to a loving relationship.

The lyrics describes the artist’s desire for genuine love. The track is an easy listen with an upbeat rhythm that creates the illusion of a honeymoon stage fantasy, as each verse describes a strong love that hurts to lose. The singer outlines her inspiration, “I wrote it when I was worried I would never really feel something worth losing again. I think everyone can relate to that feeling of searching for something real, even if it’s risky.” This track is a relatable theme song for both hopeless romantics and cynical lovers.

The emerging pop princess has proven herself worthy of mainstream fame but continues to project a sense of originality. Her upcoming EP, Self Sabotage is set to release this Fall and is highly anticipated among her following. Fans can look forward to the artist’s down to Earth style and real-life experiences packaged in catchy instrumentals.

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