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HANZ. pays for pleasure in new “Blame Me” music video

HANZ. is lost within the lust-filled world of ‘pay for play’ in his new “Blame Me” video. The New Jersey rapper follows up the single released in May with a visual ode to the booming era of virtual erotic subscription. While the video is fitting for today, it makes a flashback to the chat room days of the early 2000s. The main character is lured into paying for an experience that HANZ. himself brags about being born with in the chorus.

They gotta pay to be God, all I had to do was come out my momma." The concept is fitting for the time period since quarantine has created a huge surge in suggestive subscription platforms. It’s even more cohesive with the vibe within the song. The lustful instrumental paired with HANZ’s slurry Autotune vocals shapes out to be a sensual fantasy for the eardrums. What makes the track so catchy is the effortless swagger in his tone that lets you know he isn’t sold by empty dreams. Needless to say, the music video is equally a groove as it is arousing.

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