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Alejandro Jamal supplements his dreams in new single "Solo Dolo"

Alejandro Jamal sprinkles swagger over his sonic smoothie of R&B and hip-hop called “Solo Dolo”—a track that sedates the senses in the most pleasurable of ways. In the new single, New York City artist Jamal denounces the haters, praises the supporters, and beefs up the confidence in himself to achieve great things. With a vocal lead that is as smooth as the watery synth keys that ripple behind it, Jamal displays a soft flow energized by a confidence of the most honest kind.

As far as production is concerned, Jamal nails his work: completely self-reliant and aware of his strengths, Jamal presents “Solo Dolo” in such a manner that each sound—from the soft snare hits to the humid ambiance— is distinct and complementary of his story. One could say that Jamal is not only self-aware but is in tune with the way music is made in 2020, clearly defining each sound with modern tools and allowing it to live in the mind of the listener as a finished product deserving of the space.

Jamal made his way from the South to the gritty streets of New York City with the intent of supplementing his dreams of being a respected singer-songwriter. In taking on the challenge, he is already showing unique confidence, teeth, and the necessary softness to be bullish about his chances. If the lyrics in “Solo Dolo” are to be believed, Jamal has left the naysayers behind, somewhere on the road towards a red dream beating louder than ever.

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Ambient R&B · Hip-Hop


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