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Elkka joins Local Action with two new emotional rave bangers

Femme Culture co-founder Elkka has joined Local Action to release two emotional rave bangers. Written and produced during lockdown, the EP showcases Elkka’s ear for ecstatic productions. It perfectly encapsulates the emotions we’ve all been feeling for the past few months, and rolls them neatly into two dancefloor-ready tracks.

Following 2019’s Every Body Is Welcome, which gave us a taste of Elkka’s distinctive, other-worldly sound, the I. Miss. Raving. / Bleep+ EP continues where the former left off. “I. Miss. Raving.” combines euphoric synths and melodies with bouncy breaks and percussive stabs to create a stripped-back, simplistic slice of dancefloor elation. Despite its minimalistic sound, everything comes together to make an absolute body-shaker. We. Miss. Raving. too, and tracks as good as this don’t help matters.

“Bleep+” weighs more on the emotional side of the scale, though still completely apt for the club. Subtle bleeps and rattles layered over a groove-filled bassline make it almost impossible not to dance, even when things aren’t full-throttle. A track which was made for festival sunrise hours, it’s nothing but good vibes from start to finish. The icing on the cake with this release is the cementing of the relationship between Elkka and Local Action, after playing several of the label’s parties over the last two years; though her productions are always celebrations of positivity, it makes the record even more wholesome.

I. Miss. Raving. / Bleep+ can be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp.

Connect with Elkka: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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