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ABISHA just wants "One Night"

ABISHA's new song "One Night" is the height of vulnerability, her plea for just one more night builds into the perfect pop apology.

"I can't escape that you're broken, I made a mistake for what's unspoken, you left me lonely, but I don't blame you," ABISHA sings as she leaves her heart all on the line. This song is her last attempt for one night with someone. It's that moment where you're doing your best to bargain your way back into someone's heart, and you want that last ounce of closure, knowing that you've done your best. You'd be willing to give anything for just one more night.

"One Night" is about her getting closure, an apology. In a recent press release, she says, "As soon as I got to the studio, the words poured out because it was so fresh within me." That's what makes ABISHA an artist; her authenticity. There's no one else quite like her. She's spent her life continually working on finding her place in the world, finding her role model, and finally becoming her own.

Her determination to create a space for herself radiates through her music. She says, "Now that I'm discovering who I am as an artist, I'm also discovering who I am as a person, and I've finally gotten to a place where I'm happy to stand out and express myself every way I can." She's solidified her sound as an artist and is a product of the work she's put in to build that confidence.

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