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Lucas Nord's turns up the funk on new single "(Can't Be Myself) Without You" Feat. Melo [Premeire]

Kick-off your shoes this morning and have a little feel-good dance, courtesy of award-winning producer Lucas Nord. His new single "(Can't Be Myself) Without You" dropped today via indie label Physical Presents. A bit reminiscent of Zhu meets mainstream dance music, Nord links up with vocalist Melo. Bouncy basslines match, sweet and soulful vocals making it extra enticing, which is to be expected from the producer who has made hits with Tove Lo. There's almost a French funky flair to the track, but it certainly leans into mainstream dance music appeal. 

Over email Nord broke down the single by sharing, “With this song, I wanted to make something a bit less moody and something a bit warmer, funky and fun production-wise. Melo played these chords and the title and hook kinda just popped up in my mind straight away. It was one of those songs that just writes itself. Think we wrote the entire thing in like an hour and the same with the production - everything just happened very fast and felt very natural that day. The whole concept of the song just stemmed from the title and about how even if you’re in a bad relationship or situation you don’t feel like you’re complete without this other person. Which is kinda cute and tragic at the same time haha.” We've got it streaming here first as it drops tomorrow on all DSPs, go ahead and give it a listen, it'll put some oomph into your one-two step. 

Connect with Lucas Nord: Facebook Twitter | SoundCloud

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