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Rebecka Reinhard breaks free on "No Release"

Crescendos can be difficult to master. The loudness war that has plagued mainstream music for decades has reduced many releases to overblown, over-compressed garbage that is loud for the sake of being loud. Rebecka Reinhard's latest single, "No Release," is a perfect example of how to structure an entire song around a slow, steady, and eventually epic build-up. The track starts out softly and slowly, with gentle guitar strums propelling Reinhard's vocals forward. As she sings, more instruments fade into the mix: unrelenting drums, string stabs, a descending bass line. Slowly, tension builds, and builds, and builds, until Reinhard wails "Well, I've changed!" Suddenly, the track opens up, as guitars rip into higher octaves and the rolling drums turn into a searing solo: it's cathartic, raw, and intense; a perfect crescendo.

"No Release," released June 30th, is Reinhard's second single off her upcoming EP, Whale. The first single, the titular "Whale," was released earlier this year. Produced with Anders Källmark, Whale will be out on August 21st through Crowds and Power

Listen to Rebecka Reinhard's "No Release" here.

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