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thrills takes on internet culture in new single "ROSHAMBO"

There's no easy way to put it, but the last couple of months have been media overload, as we've gone fully into a digitally connected culture, everything including our most precious family time has been online. The feeling of digital burnout and exhaustion is real. Inglewood, CA-based artist thrills is giving his perspective on the media with his new single and video for "ROSHMAMBO". Recorded while on tour with Summer Walkerthe potent single serves as a satire and commentary on pop culture, politics, and our growing need for internet consumption. The song gives a breath of fresh air in a post-COVID, stuffy box, and as thrills shares over email with us the song, "serves as a statement piece for those feeling overwhelmed from media, pop culture, politics and the digital age of instant information."

The video shot and directed by thrills himself is the first from his upcoming album HYPER. The anthemic beat is cut to an explicit and dangerous game of rock, paper, scissors suggesting life is simply a gamble. After months locked inside, this is his offering and commentary on the world at large. Lyrically referencing our current president and his upbringing. To really get to know thrills all you need to do is dive into his lyrical flow as he lays his story out, and a commentary on many of our societal flaws, from not being too much or too much, having student debt, all while just trying to make it. The video was a complete DIY project by thrills, who also co-produced the beat, wrote the song, directed the video, edited the video, made the website, made the cover art. It's a complete ground-up project and there's more to come from the rising lyricist. 
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