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Queen Naija and Wale come together to give us "Butterflies Pt. 2"

Detroit Singer Queen Naija and the poetic genius Wale come together beautifully to give us a new single "Butterflies Pt. 2."

Queen Naija, who first got her start as a famous YouTuber, made her fiery debut into the music world with her 2018 hit "Medicine." Now she returns with yet another hit in the form of a flawlessly smooth "Butterflies Pt. 2."
The catchy chorus quickly captures our attention as Wale comes in with smooth poetic lyricism. Through his metrical wordplay and vivid metaphors, Wale charmingly delivers the start to a modern love story mixed in with some classic hip-hop vibes. Press play and you're guaranteed to get butterflies. 
Connect with Queen Naija: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 
Connect with Wale: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 


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