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Josh Levi releases his first ever project, "Disc One"

Josh Levi standing under bridge by Blair Caldwell

Josh Levi, a young talented singer has released an EP, Disc One. At 21, the artist/dancer/actor has been in entertainment for a decade, and it is not until now that he is dropping his first ever body of work as an artist. Disc One is an eight-track project crafted in response to the current state of our world.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Levi kicked off his career with a role on the Emmy-winning television series, Friday Night Lights. Later on, Levi went on the X Factor. Over the years, the artist has released loosies left and right and has amassed a fanbase across the country including big names in the industry like Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, and Billie Eilish. He's remained independent despite attention from major labels, and this EP is a showing of what he can do with solely the music and the loyal fanbase.

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The project includes a previously released single produced by Sterling Gittens Jr. titled "IF THE WORLD". The single teased the pop sensibilities of a potential star. The single is packed with a rocky heavy guitar that shreds throughout the hook as Josh sings The Weeknd-like melodies. The entire EP is infused with R&B, pop, hip-hop, and rock beats song after song. It's an all-encompassing showcase of how much of an anomaly he is. His unfair vocals work well in almost every style of sound.

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