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Amelia Dare shares new breakup anthem "Wrong About Me"

Singer-songwriter Amelia Dare combines sultry R&B with soulful melodies to craft elegant tunes and her latest release "Wrong About Me" is no different. On this latest release, the South London-based artist glides her effortless vocals over light rhythms.

Intertwining smooth guitar strings and laidback melodies,  "Wrong About Me" reminds us to step away from toxicity to protect our self-love. Inherently able to write irresistible millennial love songs, Amelia Dare manages to capture the heart of hazy summer days whilst combat relationship dilemmas.

"'Wrong About Me' is a summer break-up anthem," says Amelia. "It was inspired by a need to reclaim power and break the cycle of toxic relationships. People say there's no such thing as third chances and 'Wrong About Me' stays true to that message."

Encouraging us to get the girls together and leave co-dependent relationships at the door, "Wrong About Me" is a smooth sailing heatwave bop. 

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R&B · U.K.


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