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Sabiyha asserts her self-worth in powerhouse single "Love Me Alone"

We're calling it now: Sabiyha is set to be the next big thing in pop. Her tracks resonate a kindred spirit with womxn around the world in their tales of self-empowerment, worth and love. "Love Me Alone" is no exception, as it necessitates reclaiming oneself in the midst of a toxic relationship. 

The Dancehall beat drives the up-tempo gusto of the track with relentless force. All the while, Sabiyha’s honeyed soul and R&B vocals dominate above the melodic bass-line. In essence, the effective simple production concedes to the strength of Sabiyha's intimate lyricism, co-written by Andrew James. Notably, the hook rings: “I’m over them, I’m over this. I’ll love me alone”. Sabiyha comments on the meaning behind the track:

“I'm someone who embraces sexuality, however, that does not give people a free pass to treat me like an object. The behaviour of the men I was meeting made me feel 'like poison'... This song basically says “I'm over this bullshit, I'm not letting this affect my self-worth; I'll love me”. We all have moments where our self esteem waivers, and we question ourselves as people. This doesn't indicate weakness, but the many shades of light and dark that we experience and how we can work through it.”

In many ways "Love Me Alone" follows in intention from Sabiyha's debut track "Choorlie". While through the prism of more industrial-folk pop, "Choorlie" reclaims the Guyanese term now often used derogatorily towards women perceived to be too loud or assertive. Clearly, both tracks captivate through their thorough sociocultural examinations. Therefore, they suggest a new movement forward with the feminist anthem one guiding block in the step to progress. It's exciting to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for Sabiyha, whose style is already taking on a voice of its own. 

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