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Indie rock group, Momma, releases fundraiser news alongside a stop-motion music video.

Momma have previously made a great fanfare of their releases – uploading music videos for their latest three singles – but the band had a quiet June 5th release for their sophomore album, Two of Me. Luckily, this album is anything but quiet. On the contrary, it's unique, honest, and unapologetic.

A couple of weeks after their album release, they're back with a video for their fourth single, “Derby”, directed by FORGE. Art Magazine editor Matthew James-Wilson and artist Julia Shapiro. Keeping in line with the song’s subject, it’s intertwined with the stop-motion of toy horses, old derby race footage, and photographs playing out a horse’s motion.

Two of Me’s songs are about coming to terms with the side of you within yourself that is maybe capable of darker things.” explains songwriter Allegra Weingarten. The video captures the anxiety and pressure that the song describes. Blinking fast in between shades of red, green, and yellow, the video feels like a broken stoplight. We take the risk in deciding whether we “go fast” or slow down.

“Derby”, along with the rest of the album, embraces the band’s soft vocals, driving guitar, and reverberating drums. All those elements complement each other so well, leaving lyrics and riffs to bury themselves in the mind.

Along with the video, the band also announced the fundraiser they will play for on this upcoming June 30th. All proceeds will go directly to the Audre Lorde Project and Make the Road New York. Be sure to buy a ticket and help out!

Listen to Two of Me via Danger Collective Records.

Connect with Momma: Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook

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