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Peach Tree Rascals release rejuvenating summer single "Deer"

2020 has been a tough year no matter who you ask. We've seen everything from school to the Olympics cancelled with the advent of Coronavirus along with the deaths of figures such as Kobe Bryant and George Floyd. In response to this year, Peach Tree Rascals released their new touching and uplifting music video "Deer" which calls for listeners to appreciate the good things in life even when the world around you may be experiencing troubling times. 

Peach Tree Rascals have been on a run of successful singles this year and "Deer" looks not different. A simple, yet groovy production that harkens back to the 80s, listeners are able to dive into the world of a different age of music. Pairing the production of the song with heartfelt and sincere lyrics, Peach Tree Rascals create a flawless summer single for a world that finds itself in turmoil. Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, a member of the band, puts it perfectly in his statement for Apple Music:

"This song is about appreciating the highs as they come. With so many horrible things going on in the world right now, we think it’s critical to appreciate each win no matter how small—whether it’s graduating high school, making a positive impact at a protest, or overcoming sickness."

With a number of releases this year, Peach Tree Rascals look poised to release an album filled with wholesome songs that prove to the world their ability to push indie rock forward with their soulful vocal runs, incredible synths, and beyond their years song writing. 

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Alt-Pop · Indie


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