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Let Man Loose go for a spin on their new single "Victory Lap"

Hull-based quartet Let Man Loose return with their sharp, vigourous single "Victory Lap". The track quite literally puts the pedal to the metal and speeds through an array of turbulent noise.

Slapped in the face with heavy, abrasive guitar lines and thundering bass chords, "Victory Lap" is an exhibtion of well excecuted rock. Underscored with fuzzy rhythms and layered with Marc Ainley's drawls, the single details the moments of pure happiness when you're euphorically in love. "When people fall in love, they tend to want to share it with the whole world," says Ainley. "Like they're showing off a trophy or waving their arm out of the window like a winning race car driver. Be a good sport and let them enjoy that moment."

Gripping from start to finish, "Victory Lap" is an enthralling listen. Slathered with harsh rock inflections, the track captures the meaty sounds of what Let Man Loose frequently emit. It's a tune and a half that's for sure.

"Victory Lap" is taken from the upcoming EP Vol. 3.

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Rock · U.K.


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