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RUNOFFBROKE has some things he "Wish You Knew"

RUNOFFBROKE has been extremely active in 2020 and he is back with a brand new dancehall infused single titled "Wish You Knew." 

After debuting earlier this year under the RUNOFFBROKE brand, rapper/singer Jordan Wilson has dropped a staggering 5 new tracks this early into the year. Tracks like "Family", "Gimme Dat" and "White Bag" have developed RUNOFFBROKE a cult following that is causing the artist to bubble up on Spotify Playlists and blogs all year. His pinpoint accurate flows, impeccable wordplay and potent pen game have all defined RUNOFFBROKE as one of the artists to watch off the Emerald Isle currently. 

On this new collaboration with FEEl.FACTORY, RUNOFFBROKE explores a whole new side to his arsenal of weaponry. This dancehall-inspired track features a complete departure from the norm for Jordan. The incredible melodics paired with the unexpected but beautiful production is a potent blend that goes straight for the heart. The pen game features concise wordplay and polished flows executed with masterful form. "Wish You Knew" is a clean cut that doesn't hold back.

With so many releases in such a short space of time, RUNOFFBROKE is clearly on a mission to prove himself as one of the premier products available in the Irish hip-hop supermarket currently overflowing with immense talent. 

Connect with RUNOFFBROKE: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Hip-Hop · R&B · Rap


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