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Marlowe harness the "Future Power Sources" of upcoming new album [Premiere]

Marlowe is a hip-hop duo made up of producer L'Orange and emcee Solemn Brigham who joined forces a few years ago. With one self-titled project under their belt, the duo return with another salvo titled "Future Power Sources" proving their union is no fluke. 

The track continues their trend for hard-hitting gems with a tinge of social commentary laced with witty lyrics. L'Orange doesn't let up and builds a vibrant bass-laden beat complete with vintage brassy horns. DJ Trackstar (DJ for Run the Jewels) comes through with excellent vocal scratches to add a classic hip-hop element into the mix.

Solemn Brigham is steadfast and focused with his machine-like flow and off-the-cuff lyrics about self-confidence, growth, and more. For the most part, he is having fun with the pen as he reveals different layers to his skill with authoritative lines like "...I run with the flame, I don't dumb the pain, we ain't from the same book/ I just want light on where I came/ we just still remain/ find your lane or be shook..." 

The accompanying music video uses a myriad of visual effects and graphics that play alongside Brigham's vivid lyrics and the thump of L'Orange's production. A handful of visual motifs are used to drive home the power source theme and bring everything together. 

"Future Power Sources" is the lead single from their sophomore project aptly titled Marlowe 2, set for release August 7th via Mello Music Group.

Get "Future Power Sources" on Soundcloud and you can pre-order the full project here.
Connect with Solemn Brigham: Twitter
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