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The Main Squeeze’s “This World” is much needed dose of fresh-squeezed hope

In a world where traditional live music is no longer possible, The Main Squeeze have sought to do the impossible and keep live music alive and well with their latest single, “This World”. The five-piece is a group of seasoned performers, who have come into their own through on-stage experimentation. Over the course of six years, they have played about 900 shows. They only cancelled a show once, when some leftover weed from Colorado was forgotten in their van as they attempted to cross the border in Montreal.

“This World” debuted live via “Squeeze House,” their online platform for live performances and jam sessions. The Squeeze House is their house in LA, as well as their rehearsal and recording space. It is also the name of their TikTok. They have done two live Squeeze House performances so far, with the third slated for mid-July.

The track opens with a balance of pulsing bass and the occasional fluttering synth. Soulful, sultry vocals whisper in conversation with a smooth and sexy guitar melody. Gallant is featured on a verse in the song as well, as he shares management with The Main Squeeze and instantly fell in love with the track when it was played for him. “This World” was brought to life at LA’s Patch House, a creative space for artists to both stay and create, like an airbnb with music gear.

“The song is rooted around love. I think we can easily apply the lack of communication and understanding of today’s time between different classes and different races. The lack of communication and understanding is keeping us away from the ultimate important thing,” says frontman Corey Frye. “We’ve been missing what the purpose of these protests are and what the purpose of all these rants with people going back and forth are… I think if we just open up to that understanding, then the love that we know is there, the overarching love that we know can create harmony will exist.”

The lyrics of “This World” are just as relevant now as they were when they were written down over three years ago. Love is not just for relationships, but how we see the world and interact with all other people. However, “This World” also draws influence from Frye’s challenges in an interracial relationship. 

At their core, The Main Squeeze are champions of diversity in every sense of the word. They’re an eclectic rock group fronted by Frye, a black man who grew up singing in church choirs in his hometown of Indianapolis. Bassist Rob Walker grew up in the church as well, as his dad was a pastor. Guitarist Max Newman was initially trained as a classical cellist throughout his childhood in New York City. Ben “Smiley” Silverstein is a jewish keyboardist, Florida Native, and 60’s rock aficionado. Drummer Reuben Gingrich is a fan of jazz and R&B. The five-piece convened while attending Indiana University, and instantly found that they were able to jam together.

The Main Squeeze was born in the moment and on the stage through spontaneous jam sessions and mutual friends. They’re excited to get back on the road, but until then, they’re working hard at the Squeeze House to create new music and create live music in whatever way they can.

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