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Kid Bookie raps about “Liquor, Sex, Weed” in new single [Video]

British rapper Kid Bookie has released a new single, “Liquor, Sex, Weed” and a dark music video to go with it. In the song, he portrays liquor, sex, and weed as the “Trifecta of addictions” and links them to his antisocial behavior. As an artist who expresses himself unapologetically, he doesn’t hold back in the new song as he drops thought-provoking verses. One of the quotable lines is “I promise you no fucking lies are coming from these black lips” which can be heard in the first verse.

Kid Bookie is an entertaining storyteller and creative who likes to bring his music to life through visuals that accurately depict his lyrics. This is one of the reasons why he often collaborates with music director, James Sims. In the music video, the rapper plays the role of an individual who is fed up with his current situation. Describing in a statement his relationship with liquor, sex and weed, “I’m probably somewhere in between, which in turn creates an anti-social as fuck psyche, which I don’t condone but at least I’m aware of.”

Kid Bookie is a melting pot of music who draws inspiration from rock, metal, pop, and rap sounds. He is Influenced by artists like Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Eminem, SlipKnot, Frank Ocean, and Good Charlotte. His main goal is to join the ranks of his predecessors and “shift the paradigm as much as he can.”

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