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Nello Luchi shares a haunting perspective on "OH MY!"

Nello Luchi thrilled us a while back with her brand of moody '90s inspired rap laced with social commentary and then some. On her new cut titled "OH MY!," she keeps the same energy and delivers a gritty, somewhat haunting take on the current issues at hand. Engulfed by Swish Allnet's boomy piano-laden dusty production, Luchi touches on police brutality, modern-day colonialism, religion, and other topics that continue to plague African-American communities. Armed with an assertive delivery and vivid imagery, she details how decades of discrimination forces the hand of people who are just trying to survive like everyone else. She also acknowledges the hunter prey mentality in the ghettoes with lines like "...That's the game plan/they left us in a rat race of collisions/you could get your ass shot, no vixen..."

The track has a quick runtime but that's all Luchi needed to capture the times we live in with much stomach-churning detail. The uncanny thing about this song is that it was originally recorded well over a year ago, but it's an eerie account of the current state of race relations straight out of today's headlines. With global protests taking precedence it seems, Luchi had sight beyond sight.

Get "OH MY!" on Soundcloud.

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