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Kemba drops impactful new single "6 Million Ways" about police brutality

Bronx native Kemba is back again with some more conscious rap. Dropping new track "6 Million Ways," this artist brilliantly paints a timeline of the recent tragic events around injustice.

Kemba never seems to fail to drop a song in the appropriate time frame. He has consistently used his platform to speak out about social injustice. Although highly unique in his own way, he undeniably resembles Kendrick Lamar, especially regarding the moving messages that are present in both of their music catalogs. 
Through Kemba's intense and passionate lyrics, he gives those who press play not only something to listen to in their free time, but he also educates, spreading his knowledge and perspective of current events. Covering a timeline of police brutality, the symbolism of this track is pensive surrounding changes we should help implement and push forward as we strive for equality. The introduction to "6 Million Ways" is greatly symbolic, as Kemba begins the track by breathing heavily. Here, we can't help but think of George Floyd's plea, "I can't breathe."

The track is hopeful that there will be great changes that will be made regarding systemic racism, especially regarding police brutality because it has been happening and still happens every single day. Writing this track back in 2016, it is mind-blowing how literally nothing has changed, which makes it even more powerful that Kemba decided to drop this track now. Choosing the perfect soft beats as the background, it allows his voice to pierce through the speakers, letting his message be heard with precision and clarity. Kemba will also be dropping his EP next week, which I'm sure will be filled with tracks that are just as inspirational and pivotal as this one. Stay tuned and until there is equality and justice, don't stop saying: "Black Lives Matter!" There must be change. 

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