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Emanuel shares his therapeutic debut EP "Session 1: Disillusion"

Canadian newcomer Emanuel is a complete swoon. Demonstrating the most angelic vocals and teamed with a backdrop of lush melodies, his debut EP Session 1: Disillusion - and the first installment of his new album ALT THERAPY - is a soulful listen from start to finish. 

Woven with piano-led flows and honeyed vocals, Emanuel's EP opener is a soothing ballad. "Need You" is delicately therapeutic and swaddles its listener with a warm embrace. Dripping with lustrous sounds, the single is a flourishing first single. Heart-wrenching from start to finish, "Need You" places sentiment at the forefront of an incredidly gorgeous backdrop. Plus, Idris Elba helped curate the visuals for the single which you can watch here.

With "Thought It'd be Easy" showcasing smooth R&B undertones, the track ignites an emotional journey into self-expression. Exhibiting another display of Emanuel's immaculate vocals, his lyrics are heart-achingly beautiful. An ode to the complications of navigating relationships, it's a tender examination of self-reflection. Followed by the euphoric "Addiction", Emanuel plays with synthetic textures to create a steady R&B-fuelled melody. It's a head-bopping gem.

Written and recorded in the Caymen Islands, Session 1: Disillusion is the first collection of music to be released from his upcoming album ALT THERAPY.

Session 1: Disillusion is released via Universal Music Canada today.

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