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Chase Aaron helps us get through "Limbo"

I think it's safe to say that a lot of us feel like we are sitting in some sort of "Limbo" right now. Uncertain of what's next, or when things will go back to normal we find ourselves trying to "follow the feelings we get" or "following the signs". A feeling that is all too familiar for Chase Aaron

When your world gets put in "Limbo" what do you do? Well, in the case of Chase Aaron he turns that struggle into music and delivers it to the masses. With inspiration from icons like Prince and Jimi Hendrixx, Aaron meticulously merges genres to create his own refreshing style ladened with soul-filled guitar riffs and jaw-dropping vocal melodies. To top it off he infuses moments from his own life into his lyrics, creating a truly personal listening experience, allowing the listener to really relate to his work. 

 "Limbo" is a treat to the ears, leaning into the lane of a modern blues ballad while using gospel driven melodies, Aaron keeps you hanging on to his every last note. His words paint a story of being stuck in "Limbo" and not allowing yourself to become defeated by the unknown. While it was not written for the current times that the world is facing, it sure does feel applicable. It promotes believing that something better is on its way, and beautifully dances with the idea of being ok with not knowing what's next and to keep on going.  

“The world is experiencing a very interesting phenomenon right now. None of us really know what’s going on, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. We’re universally in a period of cleansing and awakening where the only way through it is to release our grip on the idea of how things should be. Life and love are infinite forces that are far greater than us and are therefore beyond our control. I’m not a guru or anything, but I do believe that we can live a more fulfilling life when we surrender to something greater than us. That is what I set out to express in this song”
To make the song even better, Aaron delivers a simple yet effective lyric video where he plays the guitar while singing along, and makes you fall just a little bit more in love.

Connect with Chase Aaron: Instagram | Twitter 



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