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J. Cole addresses systemic racism in new track "Snow On Tha Bluff"

J. Cole drops a beautifully symbolic single that addresses injustice on Tupac's birthday. He has joined the people by being out in the streets protesting for Black equality. One of the young voices in hip-hop who has constantly been able to speak life and substance into everyone, he made time to surprise drop his new single "Snow On Tha Bluff." 
"Snow On Tha Bluff" gives a rush, especially because we weren't expecting him to drop any new music. Addressing many issues with capitalism, economic inequality, police brutality, and systematic racism, he intelligently drops gems through his wordplay. Through powerful lyrics, he acknowledges that he's a celebrity and that he could probably do more, cleverly diving deep internally so that he is able to explain some of the external problems that this world faces.
Such impactful words combined with the soft yet elevating beats, this creates an impeccable environment for the words to reveal themselves. Hearing this track will definitely allow your soul to feel liberated and inspire to keep fighting for necessary change, screaming "Black Lives Matter!" And like J Cole says: don't just do it for the retweets. 
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