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Tim Kamrad shares escapist anthem "Blame it on the Lights"

Inspired by decades of trailblazing artists, German-born bass-wielding singer-songwriter Tim Kamrad is sounding decidedly confident in his fervent attempts to follow suit. In an interesting change of pace, 2020 saw Kamrad reevaluate his dynamic pop sound in lieu a more timeless aesthetic informed by the neon-tinged 80s. The new direction embarks with his standout new single, "Blame it on the Lights."

Taking cues from the likes of Prince and The Police, "Blame it on the Lights" harbours the same retrofuturistic conviction as The Weeknd's or Dua Lipa's recent exploits by offering his modern interpretation of era-defining aesthetics. The result is an addictive blend of pop, R&B and a little rock that ushers in visions of warm summer nights that stretch into the distance, and the eager anticipation of their return.

Lyrically, "Blame it on the Lights" reads much like your typical Summer anthem, yet with the understood caveat of its concepts being currently out of reach. "On ‘Blame It on the Lights’ we tried to capture the vibe of a summer night in your favourite city" he explains. "To me, this song sounds so much like being outside on a hot summer night with a cold beer that I really can’t wait until we get to do this again;” a sensation we all no doubt can relate to somewhat.

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