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D'Andre Martin releases needed new track "Black Lives Matter"

People from all over the world have stood up to fight for Black lives, acknowledging that change is long overdue and must occur in the United States regarding many aspects. Texas rapper D'Andre Martin takes part in this important message as he returns with his new impactful release "Black Lives Matter." Racism needs to be eradicated everywhere. 

D'Andre Martin previously released a project titled There's Always a Light. Through all 11 tracks, he has brought a variety of topics to light through conscious rap. It is no surprise that he takes the same path with his new track "Black Lives Matter," especially through the songwriting. He intelligently begins the single by denouncing anyone who says "All Lives Matter" and instead, he proudly declares that "Black Lives Matter."
Using music to make it clear that we are in a pivotal time where change is necessary, his lyrics do a phenomenal job relaying this message. As a result, the words are able to shake any room that wants to remain deaf and blind to these issues. We are able to literally feel the lyrics that are filled with pain spill out of his soul as he brings this needed knowledge to light. Mixed with the strong beats, his delivery leaves a strong impact on everyone. This song makes for the perfect song to blast while we're all protesting in solidarity for Black equality. Let's make it clear: this isn't the time to say "All Lives Matter." It's"Black Lives Matter."
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