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The Slice, Episode 58 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

Welcome to yet another special edition of The Slice, the 58th episode to be precise. Last week really took a toll on a lot of us and as we work to get back to a redefined status quo, it's best we do it with the perfect selection of poetic music to capture the times. We open up with rapper/producer Yury's "Acumen," a dark trap-infused song that dwells on self-realization. Yury dives into his own thoughts to find his truth and leaves with this question, "How do we fulfill our full potential?" Underground super lyricist Cambatta goes for the jugular with the thought-provoking cut titled "Bones of Osiris." Backed by a menacing hard-hitting beat by Chup, Cambatta pens an unapologetic, emotion-filled dissertation that explores the civil upheaval shaking the globe. The song is taken from his upcoming LP LSD.

Nigerian rapper and singer Skales lightens the mood a bit with his summer jam "Badman Love" - a new single built on a mellow afro groove and catchy melodies. "Anxiety" by singer/writer Erik Frank is a blend of soul, pop, and hip-hop elements and showcases the artist's range and insightful writing as he reflects on how zany life is at the moment. Emerging Atlanta, GA based rapper Nesha Nycee gives us hope with the heartfelt track "Another Day" where she shares a true to life story of the struggles black people face daily and the enormous strength they need to summon to overcome it all. The duo of Dru Bex and Kay Sade(ex-member of duo TheKnuBlack) team up for "NEVER ODD OR EVEN," an upbeat uplifting track that focuses on being productive and positive in the face of adversity. "To The Moon" by Jpaulished explores the variables that come with being in love with another. Over a mellow, atmospheric texture, the rapper breaks down the situation and tries to make sense of it all but it's not always easy when the heart is involved.

Angela Muñoz from “Bitches do Voodoo” fame is back with a nostalgia-drenched track titled "Top Down," where she reminisces on her highschool crush. The self-produced cut is as organic as they come with its soft guitar riffs, dreamy strings that play second fiddle to Muñoz's commanding vocals and story-telling about her past. D.C based ensemble DuPont Brass and ADÉ deliver pure good vibrations on their party jam "Let's Go" and implore us to get up from our seats and have a good time. UK rapper/producer duo D.Tail and Marley D's "Poker Face" is about keeping your wits as the world gets crazier around you. Helmed by D.Tail's smooth lyricism and vivid imagery, the track is pure honesty on wax. We close this edition with the powerful words from BurrLin who channels pure "Panther Energy" over a soulful and somewhat anthemic beat. BurrLin dots all i's and t's on this one as he touches on several topics from police brutality, white supremacy, and the need for black communities to unite in order to move ahead.

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Below is a full tracklist of today's featured artists: 

Cambatta - "Bones of Osiris"
Yury - "Acumen" (prod. Yury).
Erik Frank - "Anxiety"
Nesha Nycee - "Another Day"
Skales - "Badman Love"
Dru Bex x Kay Sade - "NEVER ODD OR EVEN"
BurrLin - "Panther Energy"
D.Tail & Marley D x OtherColours - "PokerFace"
DuPont Brass - "Let's Go ft. ADÉ"
Angela Muñoz - "Top Down"

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