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Metrist returns to Timedance with 'Pollen Pt. II' EP

A year after releasing Pollen Pt. I, Metrist has returned to Batu’s Timedance label to release Pollen Pt. II. The three-track EP serves as the second part of the Pollen trilogy, providing all sorts of bass-fuelled madness.

“KJ Receder” kicks things off with a high-intensity bang. Energetic, bleepy melodies break into hardcore levels of bass, bringing a cut that wasn’t made for anything but a huge soundsystem. A dancefloor melter if ever there was one —  the pressure in the track is immense. “Qqrassi Qrassi” is all sorts of weirdness rolled into one. Clicks, drips, you name it, it’s probably in there somewhere. If you came for your run-of-the-mill dance track, this isn’t it; Metrist’s sound is niche, and leftfield to say the least. But it’s this uniqueness that makes the Pollen series such a welcome addition to Timedance.

“VV Squi” closes things off in all the style we have come to expect from Metrist. Quick breaks and a booming bassline make this one more dancefloor focused than “Qqrassi Qrassi.” It’s darker and more urgent that its predecessors, building in strength as the track unwinds. As described on Bandcamp, the EP comes together to create a truly "evil concoction"; the third and final instalment can’t come quick enough.

Pollen Pt. 2 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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