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Joël delivers his new EP Grunge Gospel (SIDE B)

Toronto singer/songwriter, Joël released his much anticipated new EP Grunge Gospel (SIDE B). Released May 29th, the 7-track EP showcases Joël's experimental R&B vocals over genre-defying production. 

Following up on the 2019 side A release of Grunge Gospel, Joël continues to explore his hybridized gospel techniques. Collabing with producer Colin Monroe, the EP journeys through special moments in Joël's life. Kicking off with "No Mileage", Joël's unique vocals mesh well with shrill guitars and bubbly stylized R&B. Standout tracks "On Point" and "I'm really tryna hear you out but..." embody bluesy, downtempo sounds. Growing up as a preacher's kid, Joel was far removed from most must music genres. Finally, out on his own, he's inspired by everything from Jasmine Sullivan to Nirvana. Combining these sounds, tracks like the grungy and energetic "WOES" come to life. Closing out with the somber "So Blue", Joël is apologetic over love lost. While his experimentation can be applauded, Grunge Gospel (SIDE B) needs a little more cohesiveness. Regardless, there is a track here for everyone. 

Creating a unique and fresh sound, Joël has been garnering attention since 2018. His singles "Vent" and "Type", led to his much-anticipated project Grunge Gospel (SIDE A) in September of last year. Now with his new release, Joël is dedicated to furthering his genre-bending experimentation.

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Grunge · Indie · R&B


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