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Alex Angelo gives us some serenity with new single "One Less Night"

Alex Angelo releases his new serene single "One Less Night." This Ohio singer captivates with this song that is soothing to the ears.

Having already released six singles in 2020, Alex Angelo is on a roll when it comes to giving his fans beautiful gems to listen to. Claiming his musical progression this year, his creativity definitely shines even through a dark night. "One Less Night" absolutely captivates all of us through his soft vocals, being the perfect song to play when you want to get into a calming mood. The epic production is charming, giving off a tranquil vibe, which puts our soul at peace. Perfectly complimenting the pleasing sounds, the catchy lyrics are relatable and filled with substance at the same time. Beautifully singing about spending the night together with someone who eases his mind, he intelligently couples words that makes us want to unite and find peace in each other's company. So, find someone who gives you peace and press play. 
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