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Loren North decides to “Push It Away” on warm indie-pop single

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Loren North returns this year with “Push It Away.” The latest single follows her 2019 track “Chin Up.” On “Push It Away,” North brings her penchant for contemporary pop into full gleam.

“Push It Away” clearly demonstrates Loren North’s heedful aptitude in crafting sultry yet impassioned gems. Driven by mellifluous vocals, shimmering guitar melodies, and honest lyrics, the latest endeavor is a confident effort all around. North pilots through a cloud of lush cadences as she offers up a charming yet sophisticated resonance. With indie-pop hypnotism fully on display, “Push It Away” still digs deep serving as an ode to the misguided behaviors we present when dealing with love and relationships. 

“I was going through a breaking point in a relationship when creating ‘Push It Away’ with the wonderful Brock Baker. While writing this song, I realized that I was the one pushing him away rather than it being the other way around. Funny how that happens,” North explains over email. “So yeah, that’s why it's so meaningful to me - I was reminding myself that although this doesn’t look perfect, it’s not supposed to. I’m going to put my guard down now and let you in.”

Loren North released her debut EP Starlight in 2016 and since has released several standalone singles. She’s currently working on her follow-up EP.

Connect with Loren North: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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